The Territory and The Vine

The Montepulciano territory was formed in different geologic eras and has an exceptional variety: the soil is light in the lower areas and rugged in the higher ones, with a thin active layer which enhances the grapes. The typical Mediterranean climate, with some continental features, sets the perfect conditions for the growth of the vines. Especially the area around Valiano, where the vineyards of Lunadoro are located, is characterized by moderate altitudes (332 meters a.s.l.). The soils are clay and the climate is influenced both from Val di Chiana and the Trasimeno Lake. This area benefits from a favuorable wind exposure, which assures the gradual and complete ripening of the grapes.

The company has 12 hectares of vineyards, 10 of Sangiovese and 2 hectares divided between Merlot and Cabernet. The vineyard has the spur-trained system, obtained by the short pruning (2 buds) of a variable number of renewal spurs (about 4-5 spurs).
Each hectare has 5.000 plants and a yield of 7,5 tons of grapes.

All the steps of the selection and production are carried out manually, in perfect harmony with the environment: from pruning to the choice of the best bud, from the control of the vegetation to the thinning out of the bunches. The harvest is carried out only manually and during the destemming, the grapes are selected to use only the best quality.