About Us

Through our wine, we would like to tell the history of a territory, of vineyards, wines and people that work every day with love to offer an authentic experience. We believe in the strong link with the territory and with the environment we live in: in everything we do, we focus on the respect of such a heritage and the continuous search for quality.
Sincere and fine, Lunadoro wines are the natural expression of this philosophy.


Adriano Annovi - CEO Lunadoro

“Our wines cherish the memory and the tradition of a territory that has always touched anybody leading to live a unique experience”.


Egidio Finazzer - Agronomist Lunadoro

“The quality of our wine begins in the vineyard, thanks to an accurate manual work. This guarantees the selection of the better fruits along with the respect and conservation of the territory”.


Federico Battisti - Oenologist Lunadoro

“The production process of Lunadoro wines is simple but very strict. This allows us to bottle what the nature, so generously, gives us every year”.